Charity Night

Charity Night at Selby Railway Club

Charity event raised £1,500 for MacMillan Nurses

At a charity event held on April 29, 2009 Selby Railway Club continued in their long tradition of fund raising by amassing the impressive sum of £1,500.  Danny Harris from the club kindly Charity Night Posterpassed on this information to Club Historians and we are more than pleased to add our congratulations to all concerned.  To raise such a large sum when everyone is under financial pressure is quite an achievment. 

It seems that everyone played a part in making the event such a success.  Firstly a poster was designed by art designer and club artiste from the North East called O J Reece.

The charity night was held on a Wednesday evening at the club  when 4 artistes appeared.  The opening act, Hayley J, is described by Danny as “a brilliant female artiste”.  “Her partner, Johnny Dee, did a Neil Diamond tribute ..then we had the comedy duo Funnybones, who are now retired but still appear for charity events”.  Danny tells us that the final act Sonya appeared despite having broken her foot the week before!

On the night a cheque was presented to the value of £1200 but since the event they have received donations via the post and at the time of writing the total stands at around £1500 which is all for MacMillan nurses.

Danny arranged it all through facebook and emailed places for raffle prizes.  They had donations from Sunderland Football Club, Bradford Bulls,  Yorkshire TV - Heartbeat sent signed photo`s - to name but a few


Danny also looks after the Selby Railway Club website 


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