Cwmaman Club, Aberdare, South Wales

Cwmaman Club, known locally as Glynhafod Club or the Top Club, is a Club & Institute Union affiliated, family orientated club, located in Glanaman Road at the top end of Cwmaman, home of the "Stereophonics".

Cwmaman can be found about three miles south of Aberdare in the heart of the South Wales valleys.

All CIU affiliate members are welcome.  Please feel free to browse the club’s website - click here - and see the excellent facilities available at this friendly club.


Cwmaman was a well-known coal-mining village which, at one time boasted several collieries.    The picture above is of one such colliery which was located close to today's club.    The club is built in the position indicated by the white arrow.

The club was originally used as a colliery pay office, illustrated below.    During the war it became a rations store.    It was converted into a club at a cost of £18,000 in 1959/60 and was opened in December 1960.


Known locally as Glynhafod Club or the Top Club, it was reduced to a shell in a blaze discovered just after 1.00 am on October 5th 1988.


By November 1989, the club, having been completely rebuilt, was reopened.


It has remained a popular and important meeting place for members and for the people of Cwmaman and the surrounding villages ever since.

Special thanks to J R S Griffiths at the club for permission to use this information.


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