Electronic Cigarettes

Are Electronic Cigarettes a way round the ban?

The electronic cigarette is a device which allows smokers to enjoy a hit of a nicotine without the associated tar and carcinogens found in normal cigarettes.

 It is also currently legal to use them in bars, and other public places, meaning that you can beat the smoking ban!

Here's what they say:

According to the scientists' best estimates, the e-cigarette is 99% safer or more than regular tobacco cigarettes!

Save up to 4500 pounds a year!
If you are a 20 a day smoker you will save 1500 a year, a 40 a day smoker will save 3000 a year and a 60 day smoker will save 4,500 a year after switching to the electronic cigarette.

No Secondhand Smoke
Well, there's no first hand smoke!

Smoke Almost Anywhere
Electronic cigarettes are absolutely legal to smoke just about anywhere in public and the pub!
(We've noticed that some airlines do restrict their use)

There is a web page which answers the question “Is the electronic cigarette for me?”
They seem to answer most queries about health and costs.  It certainly appears to be healthier and cheaper than the traditional ciggy.

It looks as if the market for electronic cigarettes is expanding quite rapidly and the suppliers are seeking affilate sales people.  There are money making opportunities for selling them not just online but offline as well - they offer lifetime recurring earnings from your customers.
You even get £25 just for signing up!  Sales/affiliates link




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