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Childhood Club Memories

Estelle McFarlane has a great memory and very clear reminiscences of being taken to local working men’s clubs in Coventry as a small child.  She can easily recall going into the Tile Hill Club in her pushchair, with all her many aunties and uncles from the North East taking up a large chunk of the concert room, eating so many sweets she would sometimes be sick…..  She also remembers her uncle’s wedding reception at the Lime Tree Social Club and even what she wore plus the great evenings when her dad Steve, by popular demand, would get up and sing on stage during the free and easy and her younger brother playing drums.   Real family memories because many clubs were, after all, places for families to get together and enjoy themselves.

You can hear some of Estelle’s memories .taken from an interview with Estelle conducted in March 2008 - click here to hear the interview as an MP3.


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