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Club Historians were contacted by Glenn, a member of the band Kick the Habit who are now entertaining people on the club circuit. 

Kick the Habit are a five piece Rock Covers Band based in Doncaster.  They specialise in guitar based rock from the 70’s through to present day, from a  wide variety of bands, but aim to play the slightly less obvious songs rather than a standard cover band set list.  The band prides itself on its flexibility and can cater for a wide variety of audience tastes.
The 5 band members are all experienced players and performers with many years experience in a variety of different musical playing styles.   

Glenn has given us two quite different accounts of how the band members originally met.

Kick the Habit met through a strange set of circumstances and coincidences while they were all living as transvestite nuns, ending in a chance meeting at a paintballing afternoon during the 2008 Annual Nun's weekend camping retreat in Scunthorpe.

On the way back to the campsite for the evening service, they got lost, and ended up in the wrong field, nuns gunswhere they stumbled across a goth rock festival in full swing.  Staggering across the field in the twilight, dressed in black habits covered in red paint and dirt, the crowd thought it was 'Cradle of Filth' pulling a publicity stunt to promote their new album 'Church of Zombie Nuns'. 

A large crowd gathered around and forced them on to the stage demanding they play the new album.  Despite the fact none of them had ever played before, they had no choice but to try...

Every few million years when certain stars in key positions within the galaxy align, rare, momentous and magical things can happen.  This however, wasn't one of those and they died on their arses and fled the scene in a transit van parked behind the stage.  About an hour later, stopping in the car park of Tibshelf services they swore an oath that they would leave their habits behind them, learn how to play and start new lives gigging in the pubs and clubs of Yorkshire and the surrounding area.  Thus the band 'Kick the Habit' was born........ 
and the real one...
How the band was formed:
Bad Habit was formed by Glenn (guitars & keys), Dave (bass & vocals) and Chris (drums & vocals) in 2009.  Glenn and Dave had previously been in the band Lazy Daze.

Kick the HabitBad Habit began to put together 2 sets of “classic rock” songs but not the songs that every other band plays.  It quickly became apparent that the 3 piece line up was going to be too limiting so the search for another guitarist began.  Numerous guitarists were auditioned but none came up to scratch until David came along.

At this point Chris decided he wanted to play more blues based rock and left.  With good drummers as rare as rocking horse droppings this was a problem but a speculative phone call to the quiet one Phil paid off.

Playing bass and singing was a very difficult job so Dave decided to concentrate on vocals and Meg was recruited to 4/5 string duties.  Phil and Meg had previously played together in Flick of the Wrist and Vinyl Years so the 5 piece Bad Habit line up was quickly ready to gig.  However, concentrating on lead vocals wasn’t really what Dave wanted to do so he left and the search for a new singer began. 

Numerous singers were auditioned and some showed initial promise but it wasn’t until Andy came along that everything finally came together and following a slight name change ‘Kick the Habit’ was born.  Their first gig on Halloween 2010 introduced Kick the Habit to the Yorkshire pub and club rock scene.


Many thanks to Glenn - much appreciated.
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