Philharmonic WMC, Blackpool

The Philharmonic WMC, Blackpool

The Philharmonic WMC,, BlackpoolIf you are visiting Blackpool this summer or indeed any other time, you might want to pop along to the Philharmonic WMC.  It can be found at 68-70 Foxhall Road, quite close to the Promenade and the South Pier.

The club was founded in 1901 making it a huge 110 years old.  Unlike other very well established clubs, it has always occupied the same place.  It has a concert room with 250 person capacity though they don't like to crowd people in so much these days so you'll find room to move as you listen to the top acts on stage.  For the brilliant price of just £2, you can see 2 artists and have a game of bingo as part of their regular evening entertainment programme during the summer months.  Some of the entertainers come over from Benidorm and have a good fan base in the area.   

The club also opens the small and cosy lounge at lunchtimes.  Upstairs is a family room with activities for children and next door to that is the games room.  There are snooker tables and a darts board.  The club also has a football teams and a variety of other games available.   

The Philharmonic WMC, Blackpool

The club currently has around 470 members but this is considerably less than during its heyday, 30 - 40 years ago, when there were over 1000.  They could do with more members using the club and more visitors.  At the time of writing they were having a problem with their new electronic sign outside the club which had cost a considerable sum of money.  Intended to be a 'live' zone with advertising of events not only at the club but other Blackpool venues, the Council ruled that it was a distraction to drivers and ordered it to be taken down.  Let's hope the club can appeal to have their sign reinstated.  This is Blackpool!  At certain times of the year, the nearby illuminations surely are an even greater distraction to drivers but one that is welcomed.  

The Philharmonic WMC, Blackpool

Acting Secretary- Paul Newton
Contact numbers- 01253625971 (office hours 11.30 - 2.30)   
01253621039 - bar.


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