Shiregreen Club, Sheffield

Shiregreen Club, home of ‘The Full Monty’

The Shiregreen Club will always be associated with the film, The Full Monty.  It’s something they don’t mind at all and in fact proudly state on the name board outside. 

Shiregreen sign

For several weeks, the club was buzzing with film crew, actors, extras and all the associated paraphernalia of the film making industry.  Terry Wake, Club President, recalls the time very well and how busy it was.  No-one imagined at that point that the film would be such a big box-office success and bring in millions for the makers.  The club were only paid £600 for their trouble which seemed reasonable at the time but in hindsight, wasn’t a lot considering the big success of the film. 

But Shiregreen is about more than The Full Monty.  It has a long history, opening in August 1928, on what was then a new out of town estate of Sheffield.  It was hewn out of a large house and later extended so there is now a comfortable lounge, the concert room and a snooker/games room.  It was a popular club for local people. 

Shiregreen snooker

It suffered decline and financial trouble over the past ten years.  It was bought by Chatsworth Brewery who now own the land but it remains CIU affiliated.  The committee are now working hard to keep the club alive but would welcome new members and also encourage existing members to use the club a bit more. 

They have table tennis twice a week, tombola and the concert room where The Full Monty took place, is available for hire as a function room. 

Shiregreen stage

Shiregreen opening hours are 2-4 weekday afternoons and then 7 -11 in the evening. 
Plus Sunday lunchtime

Secretary: Dave Howden
President: Terry Wake
Vice President: Steve Robinson. 


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