Stoney Stanton Social Club

Stoney Stanton Social Club, Leicestershire

Vice President of Stoney Stanton Social Club, Jim Bunting, wrote in to Club Historians to tell us about how they are fighting back against the decline of clubs.  He told me that they have taken advantage of their large concert room (which holds 300) by trying out a variety of events.  He has even kindly offered his help to any other clubs struggling to find ways of bringing back the customers and his contact details can be found below.  He says:

‘If you have a large Concert room I should be able to help! I have a lot to do with many tribute/covers/original bands.  I go direct and have (over the years) built up a respected reputation.  The right bands in the right place with the right publicity can produce astonishing results for Clubs with enough space.  Popular bands get booked early (some up to a year in advance) so sooner action is taken the better all round.’

Jim has been doing this sort of entertainment planning for around 5 years. 

He reckons that some clubs might need a web presence, which is a view we here at Club Historians hold dear to our hearts.  We have had some feedback over the past few years that our clubsonline section is widely consulted and that clubs with a website have more chance of surviving than those that don’t. 

Thanks Jim for getting in touch and for this great offer of help!

He is on -

Ruth Cherrington
Aug 4th 2010



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