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It’s often claimed that the younger generation don’t care about the club heritage and are not interested in what happens to clubs nowadays.   In fact, we hear a lot of negative things about the younger generation in the media but Club Historians would like to counter this negativity.   Younger people are interested and do care.   As some proof of this, we can point out that recently, we have been contacted by a number of students who are conducting projects as part of their university degree work into the club heritage and culture.  

One group, from Chester University’s Faculty of Media, BA in Television Production and Film Studies, is producing a short film of clubs as part of their final year dissertation.   They are - Mike Beach, Mark Duckworth, Robert Speed and Paul Zmija and they invited Club Historians Ruth Cherrington to their campus in Warrington in early March to talk about club history and the current problems.   The work is supported by their tutor Brian Machin.

Mike, Paul, Rob and MikeRuth found the students very interesting to talk with and saw that they had many good ideas for their work in the North West area.   They already have a lot of footage for their project but would like to collect some older footage if possible so a bit of a plea to readers of the site is going out here.   If anyone can help this proactive group of students in terms of providing some film material or advising where they might find some, then please contact us so that we can pass on details.  

Meanwhile, good luck to Mike, Mark, Rob and Paul in their worthwhile endeavour.   We look forward to seeing the final product of their efforts.  

Another group of students also making a film about clubs from Chester University visited Coventry in early March to film the now closed Coventry WMC and talked with CIU Branch Secretary, Regan Blount.   They also chatted to Ruth about club history and the reasons for their closures as well as focussing on the Coventry WMC which had its own unique history.


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