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Bringing Panto Back to the Clubs

TaleGate TheatreMany of us love a good panto and perhaps take kids and grandkids along to a local theatre around Christmas time.  It’s always a good excuse to enjoy ourselves.  Somehow the old lines and capers never cease to make us laugh.  The ritual of the whole thing also brings us together and for a couple of hours, we are taken to another world of fantasy, romance and laughter. 

Some of you might have fond memories of pantomimes being performed in local clubs when the concert room would be full of kids and parents, all yelling and laughing at the antics of the genies, the Jacks with their beanstalks and the really, really ugly sisters (who probably played in the darts team in their non-theatrical lives!).  Members used to muck in, reviving the old club tradition of do-it-yourself entertainment and it was good excuse to get dressed up and put on a bit of slap for a good cause- keeping the kids happy.  Some clubs still do organise pantomimes but not many have the facilities or abilities to do so in these hard times. 

It’s particularly heartening, therefore, to hear about TaleGate Theatre (www.talegatetheatre.co.uk ) TaleGate Theatrewhich is taking pantomime back to local communities and who recognise that often, that means the local club. 

Kate Lindsey of TaleGate recently got in touch with Club Historians to tell me about what they (Kate and James Worthington) have been up to.  Their work sounds like great fun and a wonderful way to bring back all generations under one club roof again.  Not only will they will provide some laughter for everybody, but they try to get kids involved with productions as well. 

This is what Kate told Ruth at Club Historians:

TaleGate Theatre is a small, family run company that specialises in quality productions for communities, theatres and schools.  It was formed in August 2008, so we are a relatively fresh, new company!  But myself and James have worked in the field for over 13 years, so it is great to be finally under our own steam. 
Since setting up the company we have offered our seasonal pantomime and family shows to a number of CIU clubs.  We wanted to offer high quality family events, at the lowest possible price, with the support and advice given from our team on how to make the event a success.
Our shows aim to bring the community together to invite the entire family to enjoy and be part of our interactive performance, building a foundation for future events and club activities.  We recently played to around 250 people at The Bentinck Miners Welfare club*.  It was great!  They contacted us afterwards  to confirm that the show brought in members and non member to the club who have visited again!
For further information on this or any of our products visit our website on www.TaleGatetheatre.co.uk orTaleGate Theatre you can now reach us on 01777 708333 or on info@talegatetheatre.co.uk.

GOOD LUCK to Kate and James from Club Historians and thanks for helping bringing families back into clubs for some fun and laughs.  I’m looking forward to seeing one of your shows in April!  Oh yes I am!

*Bentinck Miners Welfare is in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire



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