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The Club Journal

For more up-to-date news on  our social clubs Club Journal is the official magazine of the CIU, Britain's biggest clubs organisation.

Each month Club Journal contains news about clubs and the licensed trade, a page of advice on Club Journalclub management and regular features on the work of the CIU — its education courses, holiday and convalescent centre and sporting contests including the CIU National Quiz.   Racing fans also save hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by taking  advantage of the special group discounts negotiated by the CIU Racing Club.

Each affiliated club receives one free copy of the monthly magazine and buys on average eight
copies at 70p each.  An annual subscription costs £7 a year giving you two free copies a year.   To subscribe, tell us about a news story or enquire about advertising contact:

Club Journal
Unit 17
St Peter's Wharf
Tel/fax: (0191) 265 0040


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