Sunnyside WMC, Rotherham

Sunnyside WMC, Rotherham - now a load of rubble...

Sunnyside Working Men's Club has been demolished to make way for a new apartment block.

The end of Sunnyside Club, Rotherham caught on camera by Angus McCormick

Former member of the club Angus McCormick captured the club building's final moments in photos -The bulldozer at Sunnyside Club
"I was walking to the local shop just as the bulldozer was finishing its job."

Angus remembers having some happy times and seeing some great club entertainers there. He was a member from being 18 years until it closed. In an interview with the local newspaper Angus explained how the club had played a major role in village life for many years...

Angus Sunnyside Club membership Jan 1974A long time CIU member and supporter of the club movement Angus has helped in producing the popular Rotherham Clubbers website wher his contributions include Around With Angus. 

Angus also maintains some memorable holiday videos and useful advice - sometimes aided and abetted  by wife Gillian.


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