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Chiang Mai Social, Thailand

Chiang Mai Social

A very interesting communication hit the desk recently from Anthony Steel.  He pointed us in the direction of what appears to be a thriving and lively group - The Chiang Mai Social in Thailand.

“Chiang Mai Social is now a popular group that first began in 2013 with a few friends dining out once a month for a get together and were gradually joined by other Chiang Mai Thais and ex-pats that Chiang Mai Socialexpanded into a social group of people and the Chiang Mai Social was born. The group boasts a large number of members of many nationalities in all age ranges, singles, married and those who enjoy an interactive social life.  Members of the Chiang Mai Social are extremely friendly and welcoming, it has regular monthly meetings held in various restaurants, which are always very well attended and supported.

Chiang Mai Social is for Thais who would like to become more involved with the ex-pat scene, ex-pats who have recently moved to Chiang Mai and know of few people they can meet to socialise with or for those resident in Chiang Mai and would like to expand their social circle by meeting new Thai and ex-pat female and male friends locally.  Chiang Mai Social provides an opportunity to meet other like-minded people of all ages, to enhance their social life by meeting, chatting and to make new friends at the monthly group meetings.

Chiang MaiWe are about dining out, social gatherings, keeping the art of conversation alive and well, sharing travel stories, food, special topics, coffee & tea, and more.  There are no fees for joining the Chiang Mai Social and membership is completely free.”

Facebook Group

Club Historians wishes to thank Anthony Steel for bringing this club to our attention.
Even though they do not have their own premises it shows that the community spirit can thrive around the world without barriers.



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