The Wesley Road Club, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Wesley Road Club.  Founded 1895.

The good people at Wesley Road Club in Trowbridge have kindly allowed Club Historians to publish some extracts from their website.

They have unearthed some really interesting bits and bobs from the club's old minute books.  My, how times (not to mention prices) have changed. 


    As Illustrated By Rob Kerley

     On October 20th 1914 The Committee were making plans for the Annual Supper and they agreed to order: 180lbs of Beef, 48lbs of Ham, 5 legs of Mutton and a leg of Lamb, also 4 galls of pickled walnuts, 2 galls of pickled cabbage and 1.5 gals of pickled onions. Included was 20qts of bread, 10lbs of cheese, 4 bottles of LV pickles, 5lb of mustard, 3 bottles of sauce and 3 pkts of salt and would be washed down with 2 kiels (288 pints) of KK beer, 2 kiels (288 pints) of ale, 1 Fin (72 pints) of bitter, 1 Fin (72 pints)  of stout and 6 doz minerals. If they had and strength left after ploughing through all that lot the Loyal Toasts were to be:-

          The King
          Army, Navy and Imperial Forces
          Wesley Road Liberal Club

    Later minutes show that it was a grest success and the cost of the provisions was £21.0s.7d.

    Going back a few years to 1905 it was reported that Mr Isaac Wickham could not provide his usual Band of eight for the Garden Party but would provide one of ten for the sum of £1.5s .

    Also in that year it was proposed that the “compliments” provided by Messrs Applegates (Wine Merchants) should be distributed amoung the committee as in previous years. An amendment was proposed that the 4 Bottles of Whisky should be put behind the bar and the proceeds added to the club funds. This amendment was lost. Obviously there were perks to being a committeeman in those days.

    In June 1907 it was agreed to purchase 1 dozen yards of rubber tubing for the purpose of washing spittoons, Bar Staff, please note.

There’s plenty more on the club website www.wesleyroadclub.co.uk which also shows that the club is thriving, offering events such as ballroom dancing, bingo and live entertainment together with a range of games including pool, skittles and darts.

It’s really heartening to visit the club website and see how popular and successful clubs continue.  There is no doubt whatsoever that a good deal of hard work and initiative by a succession of committees and dedicated membership have been involved for some years in order to reach and maintain this level of popularity and success.



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