Idle WMC

Idle Working Men's Club

The town of Idle near Bradford in Yorkshire has its own unique claim to fame.    The town’s working men’s club has attracted interest from all around the world with thousands of requests for affiliate membership.    The club logo - a man leaning on a shovel - helps to give the impression that the Idle Working Men’s Club is just that.    It is now world famous and those who have become affiliated members have there own "Idle Working Mans Pass"

Idle WMC sign (workman leaning on a shovel)The Idle Club was opened in 1928 by workmen from a local sewage works.    Apparently their shift working arrangements and the licensing hours left them unable to have a drink after work.    Their solution, which followed the example of many at that time, was to form a club of their own.

The club is still thriving and is particularly busy at weekends.   

The club boasts another piece of history in that they claim to have been the first to allow full membership rights to ladies - it can’t be anything to do with idle men, can it?

There is an Idle website (for the town not the club) which gives more information about the club history and details of how to apply for Affiliate Membership.    Click here to open a link.


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